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Thursday, September 16, 2004

She was a super lady

My mom's friend and mentor, Audrey, died last night in her sleep. Audrey was her boss when my mom used to work at labor and delivery. When I was born, Audrey gave my mom extra time off so that she would really be ready to come back to work. Audrey showed a lot of people kindness, including me. One time, I was out with Audrey at Hobby Lobby (I was probably 5 or so), and we passed by the dolls. At this point in my life, we didn't have a lot. I usually just looked at dolls, and went home. She picked out a doll for me that was way fancy (and probably too delicate) and bought it on the fly, which totally blew me away. She also built me a dollhouse (which one of my cousins later destroyed), but it was really incredible, with wallpaper and everything. She was a skinny lady from New York, and she exuded class. She was welcoming, chatty, and bright. Her recent passing was not a surprise, but premature just the same. I will miss her, not just for me, but the impact she had on other people.


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