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Friday, June 24, 2005


I know no one gives a crap but me, but here you go.

I am obsessed with clean floors.

I could care less if I have rotting meat in the fridge, but I absolutely love clean floors. I have in my short time on this earth, owned 4 vacuum cleaners, one steam cleaner, and one vac and mop, and one dust buster. I have used every solvent known to modern man to remove a panopoly of stains.

I moved into my apartment in Brooklyn, and was immediately faced with the fact that roughly 6 dogs had inhabited this space before myself and my two dogs. As such, they did everything they could to rub out the scent of the previous dogs. (Dog owners know what this means).

After a time of trying to keep the place clean, I eventually became depressed and gave up. However, I have company coming this weekend, and on a whim, I called Stanley Steemer.

Not only did they show up at the beginning of their interval (11:00 instead of 2:00), this place has been restored to its natural beauty.

The carpet is still shitty, and there's still only primer on the walls, but the shitty carpet is at least clean and odor-free. Plus, because it was steam cleaned, I can feel my pores opening up with each pass of the vacuum. It's the little victories.

My next place will have all hardwoods. Don't be surprised when I invest in a sander.


  • At 12:38 PM , Blogger Lyndsay said...

    You think getting piss out of carpet is hard? Wiat until it soaks in to and swells your hard wood floor. I should buy stock in Murphy's Oil Soap.


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