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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Wedding Postgame

Out of all of the weddings I have ever been to, mine was definitely the most fun. I will probably forget a lot of it, but I will try to highlight some key points of the wedding and honeymoon for those of you starved for my acerbic wit.

Okay, so the ceremony was awesome. The rabbi, who we met the night before, carried it off with a lovely melange of humor and tradition. My priest, Father Stieferman, was a gem. Even the deacon was great. There was a moment when Russ thought that they would forget the "you may kiss the bride" part, and he commenced to making smoochy noises. Then the moment arrived, and it was lovely.

Also, for those of you who attended the wedding and were unsure of the events as they were happening, we apologize. We forgot the programs at home. Awesome, eh?

Okay, so cut to after the ketubah signing and marriage license signing. After photos, we climbed into the limo. That bugger of a dress was hot! I had to resign myself to the fact that sweat would be dripping down the back of my legs the entire evening. However, since the limo windows are tinted, I propped my tulle covered legs up on the cup holders, and aimed the air at my underside.

I had myself in the birthing/ cooling off most ladylike position, and Russ cuddles himself on my abdomen. After closing my eyes a moment, I realized that Keith, our driver, had rolled down the privacy window to ask us for directions. Well, he found out the hard way what my "something blue" was. I quickly recovered from my embarrassment by chugging a couple glasses of champagne.

Off to the reception! The whole wedding party was introduced down the staircase at the Petroleum Club. I managed to eat a bit, and trailed after Russ to make sure he was eating to. Our first dances were very sweet, and our dj did a lovely job of not being an embarassment.

I should tell you if you have not done it or been a part of it, participate in the hora. Definitely the highlight of my evening. It was awesome! You are up on the chairs, and a sea of smiling faces are below you. It is exhilerating, surreal, and terrifying. It encapsulates all that is joyous about a wedding celebration.

We were toasted by our clever friends and family. My dad's speech was awesome. It involved props.

Lastly, my husband did an amazing job of dancing around to a song called "Space Game". You had to be there for that one. I married an uber nerd. As Russell and one of his best friends, Andy were dancing around and break dancing, Andy's wife, Marlie, giggled and said, "We are such lucky girls."

Anyway, if you are lucky enough to be dating someone from the AV club who corrects you when you say that Chewbacca was from Endor, marry that geek. They make great partners.

Anyways, we are back in New York. As soon as I have them, I will post photos. My next posts will include a honeymoon recap. If I left anything out, let me know and I will elaborate. There was just so much content.


  • At 2:27 PM , Blogger Natalie said...

    AWWWWWW! Sounds absolutely fab!! So happy for you both!!


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