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Sunday, February 06, 2005

You are seeing America....America....America

I am watching the beginning of the Superbowl. Not the game, but the cool stuff, like the national anthem. I honestly don't remember what happened pre-game last year, but I think it had something to do with Josh Groban and walking on the moon. This year was much more entertaining.

In a move to conservative-up the Superbowl, Michael Douglas was sent to emcee the color guard. This year, it was to honor WWII veterans. I love it. It's great for several reasons:
1: It honored real veterans. Live ones. Even women
2: See 1.
3: They brought out the combined choirs of the military to do the national anthem.

Maybe everyone else prefers to see Toby Keith or Ashanti do the national anthem, but I don't, and I'll tell you why. Everyone who sings that song since Whitney Houston did it thinks that they are Whitney Houston. If anyone who reads this has an upcoming national anthem gig, let me give you some free advice:
We've all heard the national anthem before. Maaaaany times. We don't need to hear the extended remix version done by your ownself. The song is about America, and while many areas of America lack dignity, this song has it, so honor that. Wear some decent clothes, take off your hat, and get through the damn song.

Okay, so the choir got through the song, (which was beautiful and appropriately majestic), and it was complete with a jet flyover. Awesome.

It was like FOX said, "Look at the choir! Look at the vets! Forget about the tittie! Please oh please forget about the tittie!" And that's why I love America.


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