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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Christmas at the ADD family Robinson

There's nothing quite as confidence inspiring as when your mother says, "I didn't get you any clothes for Christmas because I don't know what size you are."

I just spent the last twenty minutes on the phone with my family (which did not go well) and I learned that my dad wants to sell the house because he doesn't want to decorate for Christmas anymore. I think someone should tell him that house decorating responsibilities are actually independent of house ownership. Now, renouncing your faith in Christ, that will keep you from decorating for a little while, at least.

I have said it before, thought it before, but I really don't want to go home for Christmas. It's just a big ol' buzz kill. I get all excited about the holidays, but now that I am older, I hear about all the fights that my parents have because my dad is a humbug and my mom is Johnny Mathis. My brother is the youngest, and I feel the sorriest for him because he still wants to do Christmas up big, whereas the rest of us are tired.

Also, my dad is trying to give up drinking over the holidays, which means I can't drink while I am home. Seriously, have you ever heard of anyone needing a drink more than me during this time of year? I might have to sneak liquor up to my room--Just like the old days!

In any case, I did do something a little bit holiday-ish this evening. I went to look at the crazy lights over in Dyker Heights, where they have a little bit of friendly neighborhood competition going on. I swear, their block looks like Atlantic City. It's just gorgeous. Nothing gets me in the mood more than Christmas lights, except maybe caroling.


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