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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Everything's Bigger in Texas, and Slightly Bigger in Its Suburb, Oklahoma

I went dress shopping for the bazillionth and final time today. And what did I buy, you may ask? Well, I purchased a lovely custom-made Jasmine gown. It features my lovely ladies, sparkly things, and of course, a giant-ass skirt. I find that a giant-ass skirt covers my giant ass.

So, I head back home to 'ol NY tomorrow. I have been lonesome for my honey. I am utterly exhausted from all the wedding stuff, although I am happy that many of the landmark decisions have been made. So all is well in that department.

This post can't be quite as long as I would like, because the Sooners are in a bowl game, and there are people yelling that normally don't.

Go Sooners! Touchdown!


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