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Sunday, March 25, 2007

It has to be said

The other day, I was commuting to Queens (glorious!) and have noted yet another tragedy to befall the world of Brooklyn personal style.

As a preface, I should say that I really love hair. I love my own, I love other people's. I can appreciate a good haircut and style, and I am usually the first person to notice a hair change in either cut or color.

So, with that in mind, what the hell is up with the mullet? Why are chicks bringing it back? I saw two girls on the subway on Friday who were almost indiscriminable from each other. They both had the female mullet. That look didn't work for my mom in 1985...or when her stylist tragically brought it back in 1993. Hell, it didn't really work for Joan Jett, and she had the good sense to cut that shit. But I have to hand it to the girls who sported the 'do. They really committed to the Polish refugee immigrants circa 1983. Imagine: black skinny jeans, brown slouchy boots, (black jeans tucked in the boots...ala Footloose) tight silk screened t-shirts, and black leather jacket, and dark kohl-lined eyes. These girls had on the SAME outfit, I shit you not. I noticed this because I was mentally remaking-over the one girl, when her equally poorly dressed doppelganger passed by. Yikes!

To stylists of Brooklyn, stop bringing this turd of a haircut back! If a girl asks for it, tell her no, and charge her 125 dollars for asking. Then give her some other goofy ass haircut that I will have to criticize at a later date. It's the spring, everyone is thawing out; now is not the time to be bringing out your greatest hits.


  • At 12:13 PM , Blogger Natalie said...

    Why? That's all I can say...why? It's like bringing back biking shorts...just don't. Please just...don't.


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