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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Russ and Jess's Dirty Apartment

So, we have a new arrival. No, I am not with child. And we still only have two dogs. I am speaking of an appliance. An appliance so awesome, that it impresses me more than our Playstation2. We have acquired a Roomba.

Oh my god, you guys, I love this thing. Point, click, clean floors, awesome. In fact, it is doing its job right now. If you have hardwood floors, get one now. Buy fewer diapers and cut back on your food if you must, it is worth the expenditure. And the dogs are really funny around it. Bonus!

I should also mention that my dear laptop is in the shop getting some braces, so I am on my husband's computer, hence, the lack of blogging.

Russ and I have been hibernating and nesting. We have cleaned and added bookcases to our place, so now we actually have shelves for our comic books. And Russ also has a new pet...called Xbox 360. We are such proud parents.

More to come soon about the trip to Nashville and thensome. Suffice it to say, all is well in the land of Brooklyn. It is cold cuddle weather. Smooches yall.


  • At 7:03 AM , Blogger Natalie said...

    omg, xbox...get the game Amped. It's a snowboarding game and it's *singing* aaaawesooome!!!


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