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Thursday, June 07, 2007

At a restaurant, if a dish is bad, you send it back to the kitchen to have it redone. At work, if you have a problem with a coworker or a boss, you see the person who outranks that person. To whom do you speak if you have a serious problem with the president? I mean, he is WAY undercooked and I am pretty sure someone spit on him.

Every time I hear about how he denies the existence of global warming, I have a mild stroke. I simply can't wrap my brain around someone that single minded that they deny the existence of something with scientific evidence, but go off chasing ephemeral zebras in Iraq. Really. That's like a whole new category of personality disorder.

This is especially crappy when we really could use a hero. A real leader. Sadly, this is just the man that ol' Dub wants to be. Laura, I am pleading with you. Let your man know that if he wants to fight a war on terror, can he widen the scope a little bit to include the abject terror I live in over what the hell we are doing with our environment? So he likes big business. Fine. Put more money into the business of regulating vehicles so that they emit low CO2. Oil, Schmoil. We have plenty in OK and Texas, just cut down on the demand by regulating cars, and we won't need to supply as much. Make your big businessy friends answer to the emissions they currently put out, require that they comply with eco-friendly standards. Hell, you can even put in a no-bid contract to Halliburton to help businesses comply with the new standards for all I care. At this point, I am willing to put aside the fact that this guy is a stunted fucktard if he will just give up in his belief of the Iraqi Easter Bunny and put one goddamned iota of belief and effort into the cause to clean up the place we live.


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