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Thursday, September 30, 2004

One Quarter of a Century....

....is how old I am. I just had a birthday this week, and I can now officially rent cars at a reasonable rate. The other first years and myself celebrated all of the September birthdays on my actual birthday by having a potluck during our lunch. It was cool. We're such a diverse bunch that we had quite the ethnic spread. I brought my soda pop cake, which is my little way of bringing something from my trailer to theirs.

Another thing of note are the cool presents I got from my boyfriend. He bought me clothes from Urban Outfitters. They are all the right size and totally my taste. He got me this great mulberry blazer, and a beautiful cowl-neck shirt. Awesome.

My roommate got me a wine glass and a bag of Guacachips. This is because I complained that NY cannot make spicy Mexican food for shit. I am still right about that. The Guacachips were enough to tide me over for the time being. If my next post is about opening a restaurant called Salty's Gringo Tex-Mex, then you'll know that I needed more, much more, than Guacachips.

Swear to God, the other day, I went into a place masquerading as a Tex-Mex place, and I ordered a burrito the size of a small baby, and it had NO FLAVOR. If I had wanted a starch with the overall taste of a bagel with cream cheese, I would have fucking ordered it. I tried this establishment's chips and queso, which was a lot like dragging Tostitos through Brie. Not what I really wanted.

I went to the "ethnic" portion of my local grocery store, and they had all of the Mexican spices, Goya juice and that kind of stuff, but no tortillas. Did anyone ever tell them that the majority of Mexican platters involve tortillas, meat, cheese, salsa, and variations therein? That would be like having an Italian isle and only carrying sauce. Noodles are to be bought at special ethnic stores.

I want my mommy. And Mission Corn Tortillas.


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