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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Theory of Relativity

Two days ago, I was out walking my dog, when I chanced upon one of my neighbors. She happens to be a little person, which is not essential to this story, but I like to be descriptive. Anyway, she seemed friendly, so I introduced myself. I told her I was new here. She said,"I'm not from here either", in a New York accent that could have peeled paint off of walls. I told her I was from Colorado. She said, "I'm from 40th and Third Avenue."

Distance is relative. When you live in New York, it seems like you need a passport to get between the boroughs. When you live anywhere else in the country, you may drive the same distance that it takes to get from Manhattan to my neighborhood just to go to the grocery store. That being said, I guess being from 6 blocks of way makes you a bonified out-of-towner. If these people start using really big leaves as landmarks, I might be in trouble. I might use something like Abilene as a landmark.

Mid-terms are over! Now I have all my time to concentrate on freaking out about papers! Woo! Hoo!


  • At 9:05 PM , Blogger Beebread said...

    That's so true! On of my ex's lives in manhattan, and the last I saw him(really uncomfortable bizarre experience), he said he'd lived in manhattan for the past three years and had never left it. I was staying in Staten Island and I asked if he'd at least been there. He said no. He'd never been on the ferry, and the farthest he'd strayed from the upper east side was brooklyn, but "only when someone was having a party." Bizarre. I mean, I do understand it-- life is different when you don't have a car, and public transit across town(despite how ny does it better than anywhere else i've ever lived) seems like a hassle. Manhattanites don't even consider the boroughs to be biologically related. They're just the bastards of the whore that is their stepmother. Or something like that. Snnoooooooootyyyy. Once I move back, I am sure my nose will be up in the air as well.


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