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Friday, January 27, 2006

Schleppin' for Schiff

This week, my honey has been telling me that we had a surprise event on Thursday evening. It would take place in New Brunswick, New Jersey. I have little grasp on what is in New Jersey, and really had no idea what he was taking me to.

Thursday evening, we took the NJ Transit out to New Brunswick, and hurriedly rushed over to a theater. And guess what we saw??!?? Richard Schiff starring in "Under the Lintel".

For those of you who don't know me, I positively salivate over Richard Schiff. Taking me to the one-man production of this show is the rough equivalent of taking a 16 year old girl to meet Justin Timberlake face-to-face. I was amped.

The show was enthralling. For those of you without quick access to New Jersey, I am truly sorry. It speaks volumes to Schiff's acting ability that I quickly forgot he was my crush and began to see the inner workings of a lonely, Dutch librarian. Schiff is nothing short of brilliant.

Also, Russell is nothing short of fantastic. I have never had anyone do something quite like this for me. He bought tickets and hauled us out to New Jersey just so I could ogle my West Wing crush. He really loves me.


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