Unique New York

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Unique New York

I am looking for solid, surefire ways of avoiding work. As usual, I stole from someone's blog.

Accent: American Fusion. Sometimes I lapse into y'alls, and other times I can be overheard saying "cawl" in perfect Long Islandese.

Booze: Mmm...Tequila.

Chore I hate: Laundry, although I appointed myself the czar of laundry in the household.

Dogs/cats: Two small dogs that dominate the bed and who are named after West Wing characters. Both adoptees and both awesome decisions.

Essential electronics: Coffeemaker.

Favorite perfume/cologne: Obsession for Men. I wear it my ownself, and turn myself on all day.

Gold/silver: Gold...white gold. I can't decide.

Hometown: Oklahoma City

Insomnia: Off and on

Job title: Graduate student therapist...or unemployed. Whichever you prefer.

Kids: We want some soon. Until then, I will continue to harass my siblings into mating.

Living arrangement: I live in sin with the love of my life and future husband.

Most admired trait: My lovely lady lumps.

Number of sexual partners: Hahahahaha. Well, it's a number plus one.

Overnight hospital stays: I have stayed for multiple family members, but never for myself.

Phobias: Fish. Blarg.

Quote: "Life is a series of surrenders." My aunt Patty.

Religion: Catholic.

Siblings: Seven younger brothers and three sisters in law.

Time I usually wake up: Being a champion sleeper, I can wake up around 1, or whenever the dogs start vibrating the bed because they need to pee.

Unusual talent: I dabble in ventriloquism.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: I know it's cliche, but brussels sprouts.

Worst habit: Procrastinating or acting like a know-it-all: it's really a toss up.

X-rays: Once, I broke my arm when I ran down the drainage ditch next to my house. I was in a relay race...since my next-door neighbor told me to be. I ran in my Cabbage Patch loafers. My mom had told me not to, saying that I might hurt myself. And I did. That was the first x-ray. I have had a few since then.

Yummy foods I make: Barbecue. I kick ass at barbecue.

Zodiac sign: Libra.


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