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Monday, March 27, 2006

Sad News

Several months ago, the very same day that my ex broke up with me, I rescued a little Maltese-Pom mix from the Brooklyn CACC. She was sentenced to death, and the rescue org I got my Leo from asked me to help since I lived in South Brooklyn. I picked her up, and the little fluff ball immediately hopped up on my lap. I kept her overnight, groomed her and then proceeded to clean my house of ex-boyfriend remnants. The next morning, mom came in to help me grieve my previous relationship and help me find a new apartment. The white fluff and I met my mom at the airport, and then we took the dog to the orphanage to get vetted.

I picked her up again to help out the rescue because the woman who runs the org had gotten ill from chemo side effects. I took her to the vet. If I had the space and time, I would have adopted her. She was so sweet, and snuggly. All she wanted was a safe, quiet place to lay.

She got adopted out to a nice woman in Florida. The org arranged for the free transport, just like they did with Leo. Each person who has come into contact with this dog has fallen in love with her, including her new mom.

I just got the news that she just died. Apparently, she had some autoimmune thing where she stopped producing red blood cells. Totally sucks. She was a great dog. She was a far cry from the poodle-strosity that Russ and I watched together. I am sure that thing will live through several World Wars.


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