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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Saturday in the Park and I think it was Labor Day Weekend

Yesterday, I went to K-Mart in search of sewing notions (yeah, that's right, I said sewing notions, bitches). I couldn't find what I was looking for...although I did find 4 rows of merchandise dedicated to camping. Because everyone knows that Manhattanites are such AVID campers. Anyway.

I left the 'Mart with the intention of heading back into the subway and going back home...but I wasn't quite ready yet. Instead, I popped out of the subway to walk to Union Square.

As I turned left, I ran into a 3 block long street fair. All kinds of stuff, from creepy people trying to give you free massages, to Indian (Mexicans) selling their wares. It was awesome. I poked around, bought a crepe, and continued moving.

I made it to Union Square, and I heard what sounded like marching band music. I followed the sound, and found a group of who I presume are highschool kids playing in a makeshift band. They had a Tuba, a drumset, two trumpets, and three trombones. The homeless and white kids who dress as though they are homeless were gathered round to hear them jam. They were pretty good, and I liked what they were adding to the Square, but they were broken up by a cop shortly thereafter. Bummed that my entertainment had ended, I moved around to see what I could see.

I saw a woman hula-hooping while playing the saxophone. I assume it was for money, but it might have been for fun. I really can't say. Near her there were a large group of people doing a traditional Brasilian dance.

If I hadn't made it clear before, I fucking love this place.


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