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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Can you Pre-Can-Can?

Russ and I hauled our sorry selves out of bed this morning to attend Pre-Cana. We have been working on our schtick for Pre-Cana. I say this because since Russ and I are an interfaith couple, we thought we would really need to make sure we had over-prepared, in a way, especially if there was any priest interview or something like that.

It was, however, like most people say, a gym in a church filled to the brim with couples, and was led by an older Catholic couple. They were actually pretty great; they were attractive, in their sixties, down to earth, engaging, and not dogmatic. The priest who spoke with us briefly was pretty cool too.

So we get to the little workbook section on sexuality. It was really funny. The female of the couple, Marydale, was shy and said that she got married when she was nineteen, and was a nice Irish-Catholic girl and not really interested in talking about sex to strangers. However, her husband, Jay, said, "Well, since the priest isn't around, I should tell you, the Church doesn't have any position on positions." I about peed myself.

I know this doesn't compare to Lyndsay's story of Pre-Cana flatulence, but it's my contribution.


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