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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Pop Quiz!

Who is the person who:

Doesn't care about your civil liberties?
Has an economic policy that creates wider economic gaps?
Is socially regressive?
Allows his personal beliefs to bias how he runs the country?
Starts wars for xenophobic reasons?
Could give a good god-damn if other countries make nuclear weapons?
Distracts Americans with a bait-and-switch news cycle?
Is grossly unqualified for the job?

A) Ronald Reagan
B) George W. Bush
C) A complete and total fucktard

In this last week, G.W. in all of his wisdom, said regarding India's possession of nuclear weapons,

“I'm trying to think differently, not to stay stuck in the past, and recognize that by thinking differently, particularly on nuclear power, we can achieve some important objectives, one of which is less reliance on fossil fuels; second is to work with our partners to help both our economies grow; and thirdly is to be strong on dealing with the proliferation issues,” Bush told reporters in New Delhi March 2.News Link

I had a lot of political reasons for being disgusted with him before this little quip. For starters, I think faith based initiatives is a way for the government to opt out of social services for people who generally do not have access to them. It's alienating and irresponsible.

Second, Iraq is a total boondoggle. Whenever things go poorly there, GW brings the focus to some ridiculous domestic issue, like gay marriage. That THAT issue won an election for so many people including GW is enough to make me want to move to Canada.

Third, his policies do not provide for the future. He doesn't care. He doesn't care about minorities, the disabled, the disenfranchised, police officers, no one. The only way he ( or his support staff of satanic fucks ) give a flying fuck about you is if you have money...and not a little...the top tier money.

I hear news about this asshole everyday, and with the exception of his tolerant behavior towards Mexicans obtaining work permits, I want to puke every time I hear that he has done something else.

And now, he doesn't care if the wole fucking planet explodes. I can only hope he is removed from power before he does anything else. I would say give him social services to deal with his crippling lack of perspective, but he has cut the funding for all of that.

I realize that my viewpoints are so caustic at this point that I probably sound like a pompass asshole. I know I won't win anyone's viewpoint by being a raving bitch. However, I will say this...

My mom voted Democrat in the last election. Now she listens to NPR. I don't care what your political affiliation is, so long as your policies are socially responsible. The president's policies are so unethical that I can't even think of a proper punishment for his transgressions. Worst of all, I fear he lacks the perspective to truly understand the ramifications of his actions. In a mind that comprehends no consequences, we are living in a current society that is furiously backpeddling toward politically safer ground...as if that was SO important. That politics, marketing, power, and money are more important than human lives...well that's about enough to make anyone want to find another planet.


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