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Monday, November 06, 2006

If I had a million dollars

Russ and I went to a concert tonight. The Barenaked Ladies. Yes. I had never seen them before. I remember them getting popular right around my last year of highschool or maybe it was my first year of college. In either case, I was too cool for them then. I was busy plotting ways to pierce things and dye my hair colors not occuring in nature.

However, I have gotten older...but I am still a music snob. This is good news for the 'Ladies, cause I think they're great. They're funny, they put on a good show, their songs are very musical, and the lyrics have lots of little funny things in them like bizarre metaphors and puns. I like that.

So the tickets came to Russ and I compliments of a friend of his. It was at Radio City Music Hall, which is a great venue, because I really like sitting, and they have lots of chairs. Here are some things I noticed about the show:

1) It is really white.
2) People singing along to lyrics look really funny
3) Seriously, I have never seen that many white people all in one room in New York before. They all looked so pleased that they had found the beat.
4) The mix was awesome. No one was too loud or too soft, or too tinny.
5) The opening band sucked my dogs balls. And he's neutered.
6) Smoke free concerts are great. I love coming home smelling like my stanky self, and not everyone else's stanky self.
7) Earplugs, while dampening the overall effect of a noisy show, help filter out unnecessary sound. Like the guy in the front of you who is trying to sing along to all the words of the songs he doesn't know. Earplugs render his mutterings annoyance-free!
8) I love going to a show where I don't have to sell the merchandise. That's right, I ain't nobody's merch bitch no mo. Now I just hawk action figures, and that's much cooler.

I am going to bed now. Bonus! I am off tomorrow because of election day. This week is looking better and better.

Oh! And, we saw Conan O'Brian on the streets of Manhattan. I uttered a reverent "Holy Shit!" and tried not to stare.


  • At 10:25 AM , Blogger Mizzou379 said...

    I love BNL and have seen them in concert a couple of times. I think their very white Canadian fan base follows them around because I noticed the lack of an ethnic mix at my concerts, as well.
    I also love Conan O'Brian. Holy shit!

  • At 8:33 AM , Blogger Natalie said...

    I love Conan! And were you expecting non-whities at a BNL show?! I mean really? Pffsshhyeahno.


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