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Thursday, November 30, 2006


For Thanksgiving, that magical time of year that commemorates the screwing over of native peoples, before the Dutch bought Manhattan for some beads, and before the Europeans gave the Choctaw blankets embedded with the promise that there was absolutely no cholera on them, my youngest brother came to visit us for the holiday. I know he had grand visions of going to see the Macy's day parade, but we just couldn't go because the weather was so bad and I was fighting a sinus infection.
Instead, we went early to the in-laws so I could get a head start on the stuffing. I had been to the Korean market the day before in search of giblets so I could just bring the prepared stuffing to my MIL's, but no luck. I found various parts of a pig in the market, but no assorted turkey innards.
Anyway, it was a really lovely holiday, despite the fact that my brother ended up getting a stomach bug. It was spent with family, and we are all very thankful to have each other and a subsequent weight problem as a result of the meal. We are blessed.


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    HELLO??!? *hello??!?hello??!?hello??!?....* ANYONE HERE??? *here???here???here???*



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