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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Catching the Cab that the Cat Humped

Yesterday was a bad day. I am supposed to leave my job at 3 on Fridays, but stayed till five because my supervisor is a tad disorganized and can never remember when I am supposed to go. I was trying my best not to feel put-upon, but that was tough given my hormonal situation, if you catch my drift.

I head home, having skipped lunch and knowing I am going to meet my husband for dinner in the city. I was pretty hungry. And grumpy. We were meeting because a friend of ours was in a Shakespeare play called "A Winter's Tale." We were a little reticent about going because this company routinely chooses Shakespeare's "problem plays." However, the carrot at the end of the stick for me was that there is this band/puppet show/performance art thing happening after that I really wanted to see. It is called Uncle Jimmy's Dirty Basement. Russ used to puppeteer for them, the music is great, and they are really funny. Anyway, so I really wanted to see these guys.

The play we went to was actually really well done. The plot was a little bizarre, but the actors really carried the show and kept us engaged the whole time. And by the whole time, I mean 3 hours. Dirty Basement started at 10, and we didn't finish the show until 11. Hoping that we could catch a set, we darted out of the theater trying like hell to catch a cab to take us from someplace downtown to another place downtown.

There. Were. No. Cabs.

Let me clarify. There were tons of cabs driving around, but there were none interested in picking us up. We walked seven blocks uptown trying to catch a cab. It was like hunting. I am not kidding you when I say that we passed somewhere between 100 and 200 cabs without their lights on (They were off duty or had a fair already in the car). Unable to comfortably get to the other club via the subway, and denied a cab, we trudged home. We even tried catching a cab that would take us a little closer to a subway line home. The night was capped off when some bitch got in the cab we were aiming for (read: running across the street flailing our arms) and she said, "Awwww, too bad!"

Did I mention I was wearing uncomfortable shoes this whole night? I realize that is self-inflicted pain, but to my credit, I hadn't planned on marching through the concrete amazon in search of the elusive cab.

All was not lost. We kibbitzed on the subway on the way home about the play, and made the best of an evening cut a little shorter than we had planned. The best part was that I got to spend it with my best friend, who I happen to be married to.

So tonight, we head out to PA to go to a housewarming party of our friends. I am bringing the obligatory plant. A good time will be had by all. I will post again soon, as it appears that my husband and I are becoming quite the social butterflies.


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