Unique New York

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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Unique New York

I just watched the beginning of "Boogie Nights", and I have one question:

Wasn't anyone happy in the seventies?

I mean, I know there are several movies about housewives who are in loveless marriages because they are based on the ideals of the 1950's, which no longer have a place in the home. But aren't there any stories (besides that 70's show) where people's dreams are fulfilled and they are happy in the 70's without the use of substances? It's like the quintissential 90's view of the 70's: The 70's housewife whose thinly veiled hostility is barely visible to her kids and her husband, but she goes on a martini and valium rampage and screws the landscaper.

Cut to the 90's, where all the furniture is modern (which means the same lines as the 70's furniture, only all the tones are oatmeal instead of burnt orange), and suddenly everyone is cleaner and has more depth. WTF?

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


I just completed my first year of graduate school. And I only had to switch medications once! No one died, and I didn't kill anyone.

Oh yeah, and I'm smarter than I was before.