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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Monkey Underwear on a Second Date?

Do you ever get self-conscious about your underwear? I do.

Today, while on a journey of errands (which included picking up keys to my new place!), I suddenly had the epiphany that the underwear I own is not really suitable for public viewing. I hightailed it over to Philene's Basement, where they were having an underwear sale.

Now, my breasts are not freakishly large, but they are out of the range of the "common cup" sizes. Finding a cute bra (let alone bras) is like chasing zebras through the Amazon. Incredibly difficult. I would rather have my toenails pulled out by monkeys than go underwear shopping.

I grabbed a bunch of stuff within reason of my size (no thongs, I think they're unhealthy, although cute), and then cursed my ex-boyfriend for shoving me back on the market again. It's not that I really want to be with someone who doesn't want me, but I would like to be with someone who has already seen my underwear and doesn't really care about it one way or the other.

I don't really have any intention of sleeping with this guy, but like my Aunt Loretta said, "Always wear matching underwear, because you just never know." Words to live by.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Fashion Freak Out

Yesterday, on my way to my date, I saw Jay McCarrol, of Project Runway fame on the Q train headed toward Manhattan. I just got in the train, and he was right there.

Suddenly, I became extra-self conscious. I wanted to say hi, and tell him that I admired his work, but then I got all freaked out that my outfit wasn't up to par. So, I couldn't say anything. I tried to focus on not looking at him, and a couple of times I caught him looking at me. Which really made me nervous, because I think he was secretly criticizing my choices.

Bottom line is, a minor celebrity gave me a case of the shy's. I was all tongue tied by the time I got to my date.
My date went well. "War of the Worlds" was a lot of fun. It was really neat looking. Also, I didn't totally hate Tom Cruise.

My date was really sweet. He was funny, sincere, and easily excitable. And easily impressed with me, too. We may get together this weekend to watch movies.

This is so confusing to me, but I keep trying not to think too hard about it. I need to keep my goals and values in check, and still have a bit of fun.

Oh! And I didn't get to see the last bit of War of the Worlds, because the film broke. SO, we have a pass to see another movie, which is just fine by me. I got lucky. My date wasn't a disaster.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Back on the Horse

I think I sat Shiva long enough.

I have a date tomorrow. I scarcely know how to approach the date, but he seems like a nice enough guy. Kind of a silly, goofy guy, who happens to be doing well for himself. He may be the last bastion of optimism that New York has.

We are going to go and see "War of the Worlds", which I admit I am dragging my feet about a bit. I can't stand Tom Cruise...but it is a Steven Spielberg film...maybe I can throw my popcorn at Tom to alleviate my discomfort.

It seems early, but I see no reason to delay having a social life. It's not like I'm going to fall in love with anyone anytime soon, so I think I should have a little fun. I can grieve at home.

Oh! And I go and sign the lease on my new place today! It's a great one bedroom in Williamsburg. It's completely out of my price range and I love it. Hooray!