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Saturday, September 03, 2005

It's almost over!

What I did for Summer Vacation
by Jessica Stanford

Well, first and foremost, my long term relationship ended. It's okay though. The relationship was gangrenous and needed to be amputated. I have some phantom pains from time to time, but I drown them with whiskey and New Boyfriend.

On that note, I also spent my most memorable fourth of July at the Brooklyn promenade falling in love with and making out with my future husband. Can't top that.

Third, I moved out of my urine-riddled apartment in Bensonhurst (that's right, I said urine-riddled) to a much better abode in Williamsburg. It might have been a safe house for organized crime, but would you look at the hardwood floors!

This past week, I have been having steady panic attacks as I prepare (mentally and physically) for the onslaught of the next year. This year has been described by other students as the most taxing as compared to the other three. I am in the process of removing my anxieties regarding my competency with clients as well as with classes.

Regardless of my trying scholastic situation, the bottom line is, I am in love and I have a kickass apartment. The rest are just details.

At least that's what I'll tell myself....and my therapist.