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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Everything's Bigger in Texas, and Slightly Bigger in Its Suburb, Oklahoma

I went dress shopping for the bazillionth and final time today. And what did I buy, you may ask? Well, I purchased a lovely custom-made Jasmine gown. It features my lovely ladies, sparkly things, and of course, a giant-ass skirt. I find that a giant-ass skirt covers my giant ass.

So, I head back home to 'ol NY tomorrow. I have been lonesome for my honey. I am utterly exhausted from all the wedding stuff, although I am happy that many of the landmark decisions have been made. So all is well in that department.

This post can't be quite as long as I would like, because the Sooners are in a bowl game, and there are people yelling that normally don't.

Go Sooners! Touchdown!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


As my honey pointed out to me, there are multiple times in my life in which I have stated a particular opinion or worldview about something and then had to eat my words. A short list:

Capri pants. Hated em. Thought everyone who donned them looked like Rizzo. Then I tried on a pair at the Gap one year and realized how adorable I looked in them. So there you go. Hated them, then loved them. What is my summer attire made of? Skirts and capris.

E-mail. Thought it was dumb, especially when I had this thing called a telephone or a 'phone. Made no sense. Avidly rebelled against the e-mail. Now what is my other spouse? The internet. We have lived in a comonlaw relationship since college.

Soulmates. Thought that was utter bullshit that idiots spoonfeed themselves when they are high on endorphines that subsequently raise expectations of what another human being is actually capable of. Soulmates was an excuse to look ardently for love, but then not work for the love that you have. Hated the idea of only 1 person that is just right. Now what did I do? Met my soulmate. That's right, and within days we had decided we were getting married. Plus, there were just a bizarre amount of coincidences that took place in order for me to meet my soulmate.
As a disclaimer, I do not believe that this means I no longer have to work at my relationship. The difference is that unlike my other relationships, he is just as motivated at working as I am. That makes him my soulmate.

And, dear friends, the newest addition to my entrees of eaten words: Strapless wedding gowns.

I know...Shocker.

I found the most gorgeous gown and it was strapless. And also, I think that the strapless gowns just look better than the other gowns because it makes my neck look longer. And I look thinner. Dammit.

So, if you check in on me in ten years, don't be surprised if I am a racist xenophobe who has seen the light, voted Republican and converted to the Church of Jesus Christ's Latter Day Saints.