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Sunday, December 18, 2005


I went to my first Av's game last night. Incidentally, it was also my first Islanders game, but that's sort of beside point. It was the Av's! And we lost. But it was the Av's! That was awesome. I love hockey.

So I was with my honey and his two roommates. During the game, I asked the other two folks if they were willing to go out to Bay Ridge with me to look at Christmas lights. For those of you who don't know, Christmas lights in Bay Ridge is a little out of control. It's like cutting edge lawn art and animatronics. It's gorgeous and totally unnecessary. I love it.

So who do I ask to come with me? Three Jews. Awesome.

I know at least two out of the three Jews really enjoyed themselves. That would be my man and his female roommate. His other male roommate looked at me like I (and my fellow Christians) were abusing some sort of substance. However, Russ and Kim were fascinated.

I knew I had made the right choice when Kim said at the end of our journey, "If you ever want to go look at Christian craziness again, I'm in." She was pretty funny. I could barely pull her away from all the shiny things.

What a great day! Christmas lights, christmas shopping, hockey, and sleeping with my honey. Ahh....