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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


While we are not out of the woods yet, I have very good news. Joshua is doing very well and possibly being extubated tomorrow. Russ and I spent the whole week in Oklahoma staying at the PICU overnight. He has never been on a ventilator before, and naturally, was pretty distressed. The chest x-rays kept coming back worse and worse. It was a nightmare.

I kid you not, the very same day that we were talking about turning off the ventilator and planning his funeral, he started to turn around. I believe that critically ill people make the choice whether to fight an illness or let go, and I think Josh had just finally decided to get better. (Also, finding the appropriate antibiotic helps). Anyway, what seemed like a pretty dismal outlook turned around quite quickly. I am very thankful that my family was careful in considering what was best for Josh and considered his total prognosis before making any quick decisions. All in all, everyone, including the doctors and nurses, are utterly amazed that he is still alive. Count our whole family in that mix.

Thanks to my two loyal readeres for your kind thoughts. I know that positive energy helps to heal, so I consider that part of what is making Josh better. If nothing else, it was nice to hear your support. My family is doing okay, and has (at this point) covered their bases in terms of making sure that the house is still functioning, but I truly appreciate the sentiment. I know that when tragedy strikes, it can be immobilizing, and I am always impressed with those who offer prayer and a willingness to help. I am touched, and thank you again.