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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Photos of engagement

You asked for it, you got it...En-gage-ment

So, last night, I went out to a bar for karaoke. Russ told me we were going to meet a bunch of friends to celebrate Valentine's Day at Duet Karaoke. Plus, Russ had been working on our "Save the Date" card all week, and that night would be the big reveal. I was psyched.

So we arrive, and after a few beers and some Bon Jovi, Russ asks me to stand up at the front of the room with him to present the poster to everyone. (Russ makes personalized movie posters as a sidebar to his job of making action figures.) Anyway, so he hands me the poster to open, and instead of it being a Save-the-Date, it is a movie poster of Russell holding the engagement ring, asking me to marry him. It was awesome. I started to get all emotional, and he got on one knee, and he snapped his fingers, and his brother handed him the ring. It was gorgeous. I said yes, and the whole room threw rose petals at us. It was awesome.

Anyway, I have the most beautiful ring, and the most wonderful man comes with it. I am fantastically blessed beyond anything I ever projected for myself.