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Friday, March 02, 2007

Chinese New Year

In honor of Chinese New Year, Russ and I went to have Vegetarian Dim Sum in Chinatown and made little piggies of ourselves. For those of you unfortunate ones who have not had the pleasure of experiencing the parade for Chinese New Year, OMFG! It was so colorful, and full of streamers and firecrackers and dragons dancing around and blessing everything. It was awesome. To top it off, my darling husband indulged me in a knock-off Coach bag. I do love Chinatown.

Afterward, we went to Crate and Barrel and got a nice decoration for our bedroom (a little candleholder thingy), and had coffee at this place called Houseworks. It's a non-profit donation bookstore, and all the proceeds go to helping folks living with AIDS. It's completely volunteer staffed. How cool is that? Anyways, it was great, we could sit and read and enjoy a good cup of coffee and were not pressured to buy the books we were reading.

After that, we stopped at this store called Happy Paws, and it is a pet store/ doggie daycare. Watching little dogs run around is like doggy TV for me. So entertaining. It was a fabulous Sunday, and I spent it with the man I love.

Tonight I have a friend coming over and we are going to dinner and then to see Uncle Jimmy's Dirty Basement. Tomorrow we have game night. Spring has sprung, and it is full of social activities for the Tucker butterflies!

Total non-sequitur, but I come home early on Fridays, early enough to catch Oprah. What the hell? Oprah, stop hawking crappy movies. What is the sign of a crappy movie? Anything Martin Lawrence agrees to. And shame on you, William Macy for agreeing to such tripe. In my fantasy, it's because you have bills to pay (kids in college, something like that) and not just that you think a nerd character in a biker movie might expand your repertoire. I see a movie like this Hogs thing coming at me, and I think "straight to TBS, where it will run in edited form every weekend until my college loan is paid off. That's gotta be at least 20 years."