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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Slack Ass

Yes, I am a horrible slack-ass. This month that I used to refer to as December, or the holiday season, I now refer to as, "Is it f---ing over yet????" Of course, I refer to the toe-nail removing season that is Final Exams. I have finished all of my exams save one take home final, and I am relieved. So relieved, that when I had the day off today, I slept until 4:30. p.m. 15 hours.

So let me tell you about my yesterday. It was my final day of classes, and also my last day of that group class. To celebrate the end of gnawing on each other emotionally, my class and I went out for a late lunch and drinks before our final class at 5:30. I wasn't drinking because I volunteered to be the designated driver. What amused me most was watching 8 drunk psychologists try to figure out the check. Yeah. We entered into this field because we passed calculus.

Anyway, 4 drunk girls and I piled into my Volvo for the trek back to campus. I wasn't five minutes on the road before the conversation turned to anal sex. One girl called it "delicious". Another talked about her "accidental" foray into the back-door deed. After unwillingly picturing anuses for five minutes, I was happy to have those girls no longer be in my car.

At class, my friends really tried to do their best impression of sober. This included frequent interruptions of presentations to go pee, talk among themselves, and make jokes about Jack Daniels. Smooth. I bet the irritated professor didn't notice at all.

Anyway, so I came home, and had every intention of getting a lot done today. Unfortunately, I ended up sleeping until the next evening. Well, I musta been tired.